15th Interviews of Bibracte-Morvan

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The "Entretiens de Bibracte-Morvan", organised under the auspices of the scientific council of the Morvan Regional Nature Park (PNRM), aim to shed light on the challenges facing the region by discussing them with scientists.

Each year, the Morvan Regional Nature Park and Bibracte organise meetings, known as the Entretiens de Bibracte-Morvan, which are open primarily to decision-makers in the region and during which a topic of interest to the region is discussed from the perspective of scientists, as far as possible from a multidisciplinary viewpoint.

The talks, organised under the aegis of the scientific council of the Morvan Regional Nature Park (PNRM), are the subject of a written report in the Park's collection of scientific papers. Among the subjects discussed during the ten previous editions, we can mention for example water, forest, agriculture, migratory flows, but also more methodological approaches such as cartography and documentary strategies in the digital age.

Programme to come.

In french.

Practical infos
No upcoming dates
Length of activity : 2 jours
Rendezvous spot : Maison du Beuvray, in St-Léger-sous-Beuvray
The meals offered in the programme of the Entretiens de Bibracte-Morvan are subject to a charge and must be booked in advance.
Reservation required on 03 85 86 52 40