From the roots to the top

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Discover the Bibracte forest from above. Your gaze is lost in the branches of the trees, take advantage of this timeless moment to put down roots.

Imagine: two hours spent in nature, in, around and with the trees. Climb to the top and discover the forest of Mount Beuvray from above. This is not an adventure course, but a real climb in complete safety, for nature lovers and climbers, led by a certified instructor. Back on the ground, touch, hearing, sight and smell will be your tools to get to know the trees better.


. For the 10am session: tickets must be purchased directly at the activity site (La Chaume car park, then follow the signs) and only in cash or cheque.

. For the 1pm and 3.30pm sessions: tickets can be collected at the museum.

. In french

"After studying forestry and working for years in the forest with large plants, I missed the vertical dimension. So I became a pruner, specialising more specifically in the pruning and care of ornamental trees. One element was still missing: transmission.
I then turned to the "tree climbing educators" who welcomed me and gave me the knowledge to supervise tree climbing. Then, conquered and adopted by the Morvan, I became for you an "eco-guide", a knowledge exchanger, a tree guide in a Grand Site de France, Bibracte - Mont Beuvray, in the heart of the Morvan forest."

Olivier Nugues, our climbing guide

In partnership with the IRE association.

Practical infos
No upcoming dates
Full admission price : 13 €
Length of activity : 2h
Rendezvous spot : Depending on the time of the session: at the museum or at the place of the activity
The services are provided for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 people. For adults and children from 6 years old. In french.
Reservation required on 03 85 86 52 40