The beasts of Bibracte

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Accompanied by a guide ready to answer all your tribe's questions, this tour-workshop takes the time to help you discover the natural environment of Mount Beuvray!

A hundred-year-old beech tree at the bend in the road, a colony of newts in a fountain, a flock of locusts in the tall grass, mysterious flowers that smell of pineapple... Who are the current inhabitants of the ancient Aeduan capital?

This tour of the archaeological site is suitable for families and children aged 4 and over (1.5 km). Equipped with a magnifying glass, discover the flora and fauna of Mont Beuvray and some places that are little known to visitors.

Practical infos
No upcoming dates
Full admission price : 12 €
Reduced admission price : 10 €
Less than 12 yrs : 6 €
Length of activity : 2h
Rendezvous spot : Museum when bus shuttles are available (summer). The rest of the year, meet your guide at the Chaume (summit of Mount Beuvray).
Only in French. An activity for all ages and for children from 4 years and their families.
: Bring trainers, a cap and suitable clothing. The route is a maximum of 1.5km. Tickets can be collected at the museum.
Reservation required on 03 85 86 52 40