Guided tour of the museum, special for families

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Follow the guide who will take you on a tour of the Bibracte Museum specially adapted for families and children.

At the foot of the archaeological site, the museum presents the Bibracte oppidum and the excavations conducted since the 19th century.
The history of the Gauls fascinates children and adults alike, so take advantage of the talents and knowledge of our guides to discover how the Aedui lived 2000 years ago, on the summit of Mount Beuvray. This tour is specially adapted for families and young people.

Practical infos
No upcoming dates
Full admission price : 12 €
Reduced admission price : 10 €
Less than 12 yrs : free
Length of activity : 1h30
Rendezvous spot : museum
In french
Reservation required on 03 85 86 52 40