The star terrace

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Far from any light pollution, Mount Beuvray offers ideal conditions for observing the starry sky.

On the programme of the Terrace of Stars (in french):

3pm-7pm: initiation in a planetarium (to be confirmed). Chargeable.

9.15pm: slow walk "Discovering the nocturnal world" in the company of Colombe Baucour (Morvan Regional Nature Park). Free of charge.

At nightfall: observation of the starry sky at the top of Mount Beuvray through telescopes and explanations by the organisers of the Burgundy Astronomical Society.) Free

Practical infos
Full admission price : 7,50 €
Reduced admission price : 5,50 €
Less than 12 yrs : free
Length of activity : 2h
Rendezvous spot : museum
In french. Planetarium: fee included in museum admission. Slow walk and stargazing: free. 
Reservation required on 03 85 86 52 40