Storytelling walk, between dog and wolf

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Let's walk in the woods, and not get lost...

Can you or can you not visit Bibracte in the silence of nightfall, amidst the cracking of dead branches and the hooting of owls?

Able or not able to listen without shuddering to your guide telling you the traditional stories of the Morvan, filled with fantastic creatures?

Will you be able to walk through the hundred-year-old trees and stones of Mount Beuvray without imagining all the creatures that might be hiding behind them?

We'll see! 

Remember to bring torches or headlamps.

(in french)

Practical infos
No upcoming dates
Length of activity : 2h
Rendezvous spot : museum
In french. Depending on the number of participants, several staggered departures are possible.
: remember to take a torch or headlamp.
Reservation required on 03 85 86 52 40