Walk with the artist Marko Pogacnik

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As part of the Biennial of Contemporary Sacred Art of Autun, go for an unusual walk in the forest.

Marko Pogacnik, born in 1944 in Kran, Slovenia, studied sculpture and gained international recognition in conceptual and land art. It is from this experience that, in search of an art to heal the Earth, he has deepened geomancy to decipher the hidden wisdom of the earth. 

During the walk, he will share with us his vision, what he feels and sees of the trees of the Mont-Beuvray.  He will propose to those who wish to do so, body exercises (Gaia Touch) dedicated to deepening the relationship between human beings and the life of the Earth. 

The exercises are a combination of body movements and imagination, a kind of yoga dedicated to the cooperation with Gaia and her consciousness.

In partnership with the Biennale d'art sacré contemporain d'Autun.

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No upcoming dates
Length of activity : 3h
Rendezvous spot : museum
without reservation