actualite - 16 April 2021

La Voix, le Loin

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Jean-Luc Raharimanana is a Madagascan author and multidisciplinary artist.

He knows Bibracte well since he came there for a writing residency on the occasion of the Jacques Lacarrière literary prize, which he won in 2018.

Of course, a residency in such a special place could only inspire him. The result was a hundred or so poems, which he chose to combine with his travel photos along a route through the very special forest of Mont Beuvray. At the crossroads of paths and influences, the Morvan meets Madagascar, the written word meets the image, and all this begins or ends in a tromba, a traditional Malagasy trance hut reworked to make it a place of immersion in a universe of sound and images.

"It's an artistic questioning, because of my Malagasy origins, where the performance is not only an artist's affair but also a direct involvement of the public. Reinterrogating the space of the game, the circulation of the gaze and the energy of the interpretation, reinventing the relationship with the public. What is a poet who creates a text/photo/video/music installation? When the texts are displayed on unusual supports: rusty metal sheets, holes in hundred-year-old trees, tarpaulins on the ground, desks with holes in them that eat the letters...

When photos borrow from painting and graphics, when shadows outline narratives... When video does not represent but suggests, when music embarks on unexpected sounds or surprising mixes of cultures... What kind of public is being created? Or what does the audience create at that moment? What do they bring with them? What do they bring back? It is a stage but also a rare and independent moment. (...)"