Current projects

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Bibracte is not just a museum and an archaeological site! It is also a number of development projects carried out by researchers and mediators.

The Joseph Déchelette European Archaeology Prize

The Joseph Déchelette European Archaeology Prize highlights the work of a young protohistorian archaeologist by supporting him or her in the period following the completion of their doctoral thesis.

The Jacques Lacarrière Prize

Created in 2018, the Jacques Lacarrière Literary Prize is awarded every two years to a French-language text of the highest literary standard, extending the writer's spirit.

The European PITCHER project

Educational resources to fight archaeological looting and illicit trafficking in cultural property.

The INCULTUM European action-research programme


Since 2021, Bibracte has been taking part in the INCULTUM European research-action programme devoted to the development of sustainable cultural tourism in rural areas, with the aim of proposing a new visitor offer for the territory of the Bibracte-Morvan des Sommets Grand Site de France.

The EUreka3D European project


Bibracte takes part in the 3D digitisation of European heritage!

The SIAMOIS project


This shared and open archaeological information system, based on semantic intelligence, is designed to provide the archaeological community with tools for recording, managing and sharing data.

The ANR PRC Celtic Brass Coins project


Un programme d’envergure sur les alliages monétaires en laiton à l’échelle de la Gaule au second âge du Fer afin de livrer un panorama sans précédent de ces émissions.