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The Great Gaulish Day

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Package formula

If you want to know everything (but really everything) about Bibracte :

Included in the package:

1 visite guidée du musée (1h30)

1 visite guidée du site archéologique (2h)

1 repas gaulois au restaurant “Le Chaudron”

1 visite libre du musée + la visite de l’exposition temporaire

Whether on the archaeological site or in the museum, our guides are there to tell you every secret about the daily life of the Aedui and how archaeologists uncovered it.

You start with a visit to the museum in the morning. For an hour and a half, your guide will show you the objects discovered during excavations at Bibracte and the emblematic elements of Celtic Europe at the end of the Iron Age.

Afterwards, enjoy a Gallic menu at the restaurant "Le Chaudron", located opposite the museum. You will eat (without fork) a meal prepared with organic and local products, in dishes reconstituted identically to Gallic dishes.

Afterwards, you can go on a discovery tour of the archaeological site: under a hundred-year-old beech tree, your guide will take you on a two-hour tour of Bibracte's heyday, the public buildings, workshops and dwellings. And, of course, you can then return to the museum to stroll around, visit the temporary exhibition and browse in the shop.