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Bibracte brings back to life a part, and not the least, of the daily life of the Gauls: the kitchen!

An unforgettable experience

The excavations carried out at Bibracte have provided an opportunity to find numerous containers and sometimes, with them, food remains. Studying them allows us to reconstruct part of the diet of the inhabitants of Bibracte in the first century BC. The ancient texts are also valuable for learning about culinary practices.

Thanks to this information, our restaurant le Chaudron concocts a new menu each year, to continue exploring the Bibracte era by tasting its forgotten flavours.

You will learn that pulses and cereals were frequently consumed, that the Gauls cooked poultry and livestock raised on their farms, that they rarely ate game, that they used aromatic plants and fine herbs, that they knew and used salt, which was essential for preserving food, but only sweetened with honey.

You will enjoy your meal in dishes copied from Celtic ones, with wooden spoon and steel knife (but no fork!).

On the menu in 2023

Cintus   -   "first" in Gallic language
Small lentil pâté, flavoured with hazelnuts, acorn flour and wild garlic

Arausio   -   "cheek"
Beef cheek with black mushrooms simmered in cervoise, served with millet and peas

Uindus   -   "white"
Cheese from the Ferme du Rebout

Abalo   -   "apple"
Shortbread cake with apples or prunes

Pain à l’épeautre
Spelt bread

Most of the ingredients on this menu are organically grown and we try to source them locally.


Waiter, a beer!

Cervoise, the emblematic drink of the Gauls, was produced from barley and not from malt, like today's beer.

Brewed exclusively for Bibracte, according to a different recipe each year, Bibracte's cervoise can be enjoyed at the restaurant Le Chaudron. It is also on sale in the museum shop.

Meli (organic blonde with honey), Argia (white with elderberry) or Cnoua (red with hazelnut) will make your taste buds sparkle!

Opening dates

The tariffs

Opening dates of the restaurant in 2024 :
. in March: Sundays at noon from 17 March
. in April: Sundays, public holidays and school holidays, at noon
. in May: Sundays, public holidays, bank holidays and school holidays, at noon
. in June: Sundays and public holidays at noon
. in July: every lunchtime and Wednesday evening
. in August: every lunchtime and Wednesday evening
. in September: every day from the 1st to the 15th, then Sundays at lunchtime
. in October: Sundays, public holidays and school holidays, at lunchtime
. in November: Sundays, public holidays and school holidays, at lunchtime, until 11 November.

Reservations required on +33 (0)3 85 86 52 40.

The tariffs

. 20 € without drinks
. 14 € for children under 12

 Animals are not allowed in the restaurant.

Our picnic

For a lunch on the grass, wherever you wish, and to take advantage of the exceptional setting of Mont Beuvray, the Chaudron offers you a picnic basket:

Lentil quenelle flavoured with hazelnut, acorn flour and wild garlic + Morvan terrine + fresh millet and pea salad + shortbread with apples +  bread + a small bottle of spring water. Price: 12 € per person.

You can also buy snacks.

Afternoon break

At the Chaudron or on the terrace, enjoy a short break during your visit, with hot or cold drinks, seasonal fruit tarts and ice cream.