Restaurant "Le Chaudron"

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At the Chaudron, no wild boar, but a menu concocted from ingredients known to the Gauls, served in dishes identical to those of the inhabitants of Bibracte. In summer, enjoy a beer brewed exclusively for Bibracte or delicious home-made fruit juices. Out for the day? Order a picnic basket made with local products.

The restaurant

The excavation of the rubbish pits of the inhabitants of Bibracte provided an opportunity to find numerous containers and, with them, food remains. The study of these remains makes it possible to reconstruct the diet of the Gauls of the 1st century BC. The recipes have not survived, but we have come up with some new ones to make your meal an original moment of discovery. You will learn that the Gallic peasants raised poultry and cattle, that they rarely ate wild boar, that they used aromatic plants and fine herbs, that they knew and used salt, but only sweetened it with honey. You will eat your meal in dishes copied from Celtic dishes, with wooden spoon and knife (but no fork...).
Most of the ingredients on this menu are organically grown and/or come from local producers.
Don't hesitate to come with your children, we have something to keep them busy: Gaulish dinner, puzzle, games on the placemats. They should have a good time.

The Bibracte Cervoise

Cervoise, the emblematic beer of the Gauls, was produced from barley. Brewed exclusively for Bibracte, according to a different recipe each year, the Cervoise de Bibracte can be enjoyed at the restaurant Le Chaudron. It is also on sale in the museum shop: ARGIA (white with elderberry), CNOUA (red with hazelnut) and MELINA (organic blonde with honey) will make your taste buds sparkle!

Eating on the go

For a lunch on the grass, wherever you want, and to take advantage of the exceptional setting of Mount Beuvray, the Chaudron offers you a picnic basket: terrine, cracked wheat salad, bread, ½ goat's cheese, brioche and elderberry cream or apple, spring water.
Price: 10 € per person

In the afternoon, a break at Le Chaudron

In the restaurant Le Chaudron, or on the terrace, enjoy a short break during your visit, with hot or cold drinks, seasonal fruit tarts and homemade ice cream. It's also an opportunity to keep in line with the theme of your day by enjoying a "cervoise" or a Gallic snack.

Practical infos
From 19 March to 07 April 2023 : tous les dimanches, de 12h à 18h
From 08 April to 08 May 2023 : tous les jours, de 12h à 17h
From 09 May to 30 June 2023 : les dimanches, ponts et jours fériés, de 12h à 17h
From 01 to 17 September 2023 : tous les jours, de 12h à 18h
From 18 September to 21 October 2023 : tous les dimanches, de 12h à 18h
From 22 October to 05 November 2023 : tous les jours, de 12h à 18h
From 11 to 12 November 2023 : tous les jours de 12h à 17h
Full admission price : 20 €
Less than 12 yrs : 14 €
Length of activity : 1h
Rendezvous spot : Restaurant "Le Chaudron"
Le Chaudron also offers a range of snacks and take-away picnics. Pets are not allowed in the restaurant.
Reservation required on 03 85 86 52 40