Stroll in the company of birds of prey 

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We offer you an amazing journey: a 2km walk in the company of birds of prey in total freedom.

The falconers tell anecdotes about their mischievous and acrobatic birds, but also about the local fauna, their way of life (habitat, diet, reproduction) and the threats to them and to biodiversity.

The birds fly from branch to branch, fly over the walkers, brush against them with their wingtips, pose for the cameras, go hunting for a field mouse from time to time and do what they want, sometimes making the falconers mad... We marvel at their flights, while discovering the complicity between them and their falconers.

In the heart of the Bibracte forest, this walk allows walkers to discover magnificent viewpoints, trees over a hundred years old, archaeological remains, all witnesses to our history, our heritage and our nature. The special atmosphere of the place is a major factor in this unusual discovery with the birds, offering the walkers unforgettable images.

In partnership with the association le Faucon brionnais.

Discover this walk in the company of birds of prey in a report by France TV. 


Practical infos
From 01 March to 31 October 2024 : every day from 10am to 12pm
Full admission price : 21 € (free up to 7 years old)
Length of activity : 2h
Dogs are not allowed on the tour.
: For this 2.5km route, bring good shoes. Activity in French.
Reservation with the falconers on 06 85 34 12 89.