Bulliot, Bibracte and me 

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A collaborative transcription of the Bibracte site archives and more particularly of the excavation notebooks of Jacques-Gabriel Bulliot, inventor of Bibracte in the 19th century.

Bulliot & Bibracte

In 1856, Jacques-Gabriel Bulliot located the Aeduan capital for the first time on the summit of Mont Beuvray and for 28 years, the first excavator of the oppidum meticulously recorded his observations and discoveries in a series of ten notebooks. Over 800 pages, he describes his findings in detail in the form of texts, field sketches and plans.

Jacques-Gabriel Bulliot's excavation notebooks, kept in the Joseph Déchelette Museum in Roanne, are essential scientific documents for understanding the beginnings of this new science, archaeology, and for all those who work and are interested in Bibracte.


The transcription of this manuscript corpus of more than 800 pages represents a very long task for the researcher, as the reading and transposition onto a new medium must be done word by word. Today, new technologies, and in particular Artificial Intelligence (AI), offer new solutions to automate this transcription. However, human intervention is still crucial and cannot be totally replaced by the machine. It is in this spirit that the "Bulliot, Bibracte and me" project was conceived. By mobilising the skills of a community of enthusiasts and adding those of AI, the Bulliot notebooks will be rapidly transcribed and distributed.

This collaborative programme was selected in June 2019 with fourteen other projects to be awarded as "Innovative Digital Services" by the Ministry of Culture. It is part of the Bibracte numérique multi-year project aimed at developing the use of digital tools in the archaeological workflows, a project that receives financial support from the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region and the European Regional Development Fund.




The partners of the "Bulliot, Bibracte and me" project are:
- Bibracte
- the Archéorient laboratory in Lyon
- the Joseph Déchelette Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology in Roanne
- the Société éduenne des lettres, sciences et arts d'Autun

Follow the news of the project

You can follow the progress of the project on the blog Bulliot, Bibracte et moi.
There you will find the minutes of the workshops, transcription tools, articles on the various software and platforms and documents useful to the project.